Graffiti Research Lab

"read HOW TO START YOUR OWN GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB, then get a URL, set the background color to #000000 and tear your city apart."

Free Speech TV

Just found this channel, pretty cool videos online. Available full time on DISH Network ch. 9415 and part-time on 172 community access cable stations in 35 states.

The Ultimate Con

A documentary on 911 that we talked about in the last hangout. Take a look.

Question Authority

Bad Eggs, I know how much you like questioning, especially if it involves questioning Authority, so I figure you'd really like this project:

QuestionAuthority Proposal

QuestionAuthority is an educational and advocacy project dedicated to defending and extending personal and civil liberties and encouraging free expression.

Our goal is to create a broad-based coalition of non-authoritarian groups and individuals who may currently be working in relative isolation on single issues, for political organizations and candidates, or in relatively isolated ideological cohort groups.

As a cohesive force, we can do more than just stem the tide one issue -- or one court case -- at a time. We can exercise political and cultural influence by uniting the vast numbers of Americans who believe that the country has taken a radical turn in an authoritarian direction.

Man Weds Dog?

An Indian man has "married" a female dog, hoping the move will help atone for stoning two other dogs to death.


Interesting. And very logical. Especially if that dog is a relative of those two other dogs. But this makes me wonder, I wanted to screen the documentary ZOO at some point. Anyone have any interest in watching it? Details about the movie here: