Extraordinary Stories at the Bad Egg Collective

As inspiration for the upcoming Extraordinary Stories at the Bad Egg Collective (and as mentioned by Matt at the last hangout), here's a website full of stories about stupid humans:

Darwin Awards
A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises
Honoring those who improve the species...by
accidentally removing themselves from it!

Description "The stories on this website, which range from the sublimely ironic to the pathetically stupid, display examples of trial and (fatal) error that vividly illustrate evolution in all its selective glory."

and remember to join us on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at Stain Bar for more of the hilarity. RSVP here: http://worldhistory.meetup.com/26/calendar/6773337/

The Mole Man

Per our recent exploration into alternative homes and extraordinary things, I stumbled upon this story: http://www.local6.com/news/14673988/detail.html

A homeless man was found living underground in California. This reminds me of a time when I was a kid, my friends and I built an underground home (or a bunker, as we called it) and the authorities destroyed it...

Look what I found! Robots who Drink!


Some Reading Materials

radical pamphlets and books

Came upon it on the net, anyone see any interesting topics in there that you want to discuss?

Poppa Neutrino

Bad Eggs love to meet iconoclasts, and here's one we went to see yesterday night. "Poppa doesn’t work, pay rent, listen to doctors or kiss institutional butt. He prefers to invent his life as he goes along, whether he’s building a raft out of scraps and sailing the Atlantic, inventing a new football play or touring the world from Mexico to Russia with his band, the Flying Neutrinos. But don’t discount the intellect that Poppa uses to back up his wit and daring as leader of his tribe" http://www.poppaneutrino.com/

His three pieces of wisdom for the audience were: (I'm paraphrasing since I did not write it down)

1) figure out the three things you want to do in your life

2) learn to participate, redirect or leave

3) figure it out on your own

More wisdom from Poppa Neutrino: http://www.floatingneutrinos.com/Message/Poppa%20Neutrino%20Speaks.html