"We're Looking for the Mouse!"

The title of this post is a quote from Clay Shirky's speech at the recent Web 2.0 conference: Gin, Television, and Social Surplus. But I think it could just as easily also be a cri de coeur in response to Tom Friedman's recent editorial, Who Will Tell the People?

Kevin Kelly actually placed even more significance, though, to the surprising success of Wikipedia, when he inserted the below image into a blog post earlier this year, with the caption, "A mind-grenade as iconographic for this generation as a nuclear bomb was for the last."

In fact, I think he may be much more right than he yet realizes. In "The Fourth Turning", the prediction is made, based on the 80-100 year inter-generational cycle in human affairs known since Ancient Roman times as a saeculum, or in modern times more often as a siécle, or sometimes simply a century, that we are today on the verge of the next great disruption in history, one on the order of Protestant Revolution; the American and French Revolutions; the American Civil War and Gilded Age; and the Great Depression, New Deal, and WWII. This last, of course, was the time that saw the development of the atomic bomb. Is it horribly reckless to hope that perhaps we are indeed on the cusp of another historic disruption of such magnitude?

Note: see also Kelly's most recent post, The Cell Phone Platform, too see why this is not just a bourgeois Western disruption. Especially as we anticipate the impact of WiMAX.

Note 2: see also Kevin Phillips' latest book, Bad Money, for a detailed description of another striking parallel to the last great disruption: a looming financial collapse on Wall Street. See also, Bourgeois Survivalism Hits Wall Street (accompanied by another mushroom cloud graphic!). Of course, you probably all remember Jim Cramer declaring "We have Armageddon", back in August, right? But don't despair—as Olga posted yesterday (thank Olga!), you can hear Rob Kutner, in person, later this month, read from his new book, Apocalypse How: Turn the End-Times into the Best of Times. That's right, put a big happy smile on that mushroom cloud!

Graffiti Research Lab

"read HOW TO START YOUR OWN GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB, then get a URL, set the background color to #000000 and tear your city apart."


Free Speech TV

Just found this channel, pretty cool videos online. Available full time on DISH Network ch. 9415 and part-time on 172 community access cable stations in 35 states.


The Ultimate Con

A documentary on 911 that we talked about in the last hangout. Take a look.

Question Authority

Bad Eggs, I know how much you like questioning, especially if it involves questioning Authority, so I figure you'd really like this project:

QuestionAuthority Proposal

QuestionAuthority is an educational and advocacy project dedicated to defending and extending personal and civil liberties and encouraging free expression.

Our goal is to create a broad-based coalition of non-authoritarian groups and individuals who may currently be working in relative isolation on single issues, for political organizations and candidates, or in relatively isolated ideological cohort groups.

As a cohesive force, we can do more than just stem the tide one issue -- or one court case -- at a time. We can exercise political and cultural influence by uniting the vast numbers of Americans who believe that the country has taken a radical turn in an authoritarian direction.

Man Weds Dog?

An Indian man has "married" a female dog, hoping the move will help atone for stoning two other dogs to death.


Interesting. And very logical. Especially if that dog is a relative of those two other dogs. But this makes me wonder, I wanted to screen the documentary ZOO at some point. Anyone have any interest in watching it? Details about the movie here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0874423/

Extraordinary Stories at the Bad Egg Collective

As inspiration for the upcoming Extraordinary Stories at the Bad Egg Collective (and as mentioned by Matt at the last hangout), here's a website full of stories about stupid humans:

Darwin Awards
A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises
Honoring those who improve the species...by
accidentally removing themselves from it!

Description "The stories on this website, which range from the sublimely ironic to the pathetically stupid, display examples of trial and (fatal) error that vividly illustrate evolution in all its selective glory."

and remember to join us on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at Stain Bar for more of the hilarity. RSVP here: http://worldhistory.meetup.com/26/calendar/6773337/

The Mole Man

Per our recent exploration into alternative homes and extraordinary things, I stumbled upon this story: http://www.local6.com/news/14673988/detail.html

A homeless man was found living underground in California. This reminds me of a time when I was a kid, my friends and I built an underground home (or a bunker, as we called it) and the authorities destroyed it...